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Pattaya Addicts - Marketing and Advertising.

Pattaya Addicts offer three types of advertising:-

Banner Advertising, static text links and Newsletter Sponsorship.

Why consider advertising on the Pattaya Addicts website and Forum?

11,000 people online at any time (average)

3,000,000 page impressions per month (100,000 per day)

High relevancy - 90% of visitors are regular visitors, expats or planning a trip to Pattaya.

Daily visitors are 50% members and 50% guests ensuring new visitors every day

Opt-in Email list of over 80,000 members

Little or NO reliance on "low relevancy" Social Media traffic (see below)**.


Banner advertising is available from as little at 1000 Baht per month equivalent.

We offer large discounts for long term contracts and "packages".

Pattaya Addicts

We accept .jpg, .gif, .png formats. Animated banners are acceptable if in these formats i.e. no Flash.

Newsletter sponsorship


Please see our Email Newsletters Page



All prices are quoted in THB. Any currency conversions required i.e. by PayPal or Credit Card will be as per the mid-price quoted on

We reserve the right to decline an advert if we consider it unsuitable.

Banners must open a new window and must not cause any security or pop-up warnings.

Banner adverts are limited to ONE venue/business per banner, or contract, although you can have as many banners as you wish. Discounts are available for more than one entity.

** While Social Media can generate very impressive figures we know from experience that the demographics make that traffic very low quality in terms of relevancy. Probably less than 10% of Social Media visitors will actually visit Pattaya in the next 12 months and even those may not be the customers that bars, hotels and restaurants are really looking for. Social Media IS a great medium, and should certainly be part of your marketing strategy, but be wary of being hoodwinked into thinking that high "reach" on Facebook (for example) will actually bring visitors through you door, it probably will not.


To Advertise With

To make an enquiry, with no obligation, please send an email to  



Site Stats - as at 28th August 2016

Page Impressions per day -  100,000+ average.

Banner Impressions - 11,500 per day per advertiser approx (last 30 days).

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