Thursday, July 25

Forum Hot Links

If you have landed on this page it is likely that you have clicked an un-taken link on the Pattaya Addicts Forum indicating the said link is currently available.

If you are a business owner, webmaster etc you can apply to purchase the said link here.

What are they

The forum auto-links are the ones you see in regular posts where certain words, or phrases, are “linked” to an external website or Facebook page. The links apply automatically, and instantly, whenever the chosen word/phrase is typed into a post. Once set they also back-date to all previous incidences of the word or phrase.

Note – there is some flood control applied so it may not link in every incidence but will do so in 90%+ of cases.

Link Prices

Bar owners – you can purchase your own bar name for just 3000 Baht per annum

Any other phrases – prices vary from 1000 Baht per annum to 20,000 Baht per annum depending on the link volumes on the forum. For example there are thousands of incidences of “Walking Street” which in turn is one of the more expensive link.

Why buy the links?

Two main reasons

  1. Traffic to your website or Facebook Page
  2. Backlinks/traffic for webmasters (you can choose do or no follow

For all enquiries please CONTACT US making it clear in the message you are looking for an auto-link from the forum.



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